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Keep it simple. There isn't much to webhosting, well webhosting itself that is. Provided you know HTML and CSS coding, most of us don't. That's where managed hosting services come in. We work side by side with our clients to provide a custom, hand taylored experience. Yes, we're using the word experience. We'll talk in terminology that you're comfortable with, and explain best practices along the way. Interested in how it works, we'll explain. The idea of how it works puts you into a state of anxiety? We won't explain the tech aspects. The point is, we're building a partnership, here we come together and draft ideas and put them into action to increase your bottom line.

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Sure businesses can host sites themselves, even without knowing how to code, that comes with an opportunity cost though. Consider the below business cases. We affectionately call the first negative experience "The Sirens Call", after that we'll show you the light with how it would be handled with Parallax.

img-Siren Tail The Sirens Call, the tale of DIY img-Siren Tail

You're lured into the "first month free" promotion from GoD*** [competitor name masked for their privacy]. You sign up for their $5.99/mo plan, you clicked right through the agreements, who needs those? Then, you sit back and smile at your accomplishment. Let's review what really just happened here for your upcoming year:

  • $71.88 plus any upgrades was just charged to your card.
  • Your left to a page where you can start building your website (no sweat, right?).
  • You're now in for hours of conent writing and endless attempts of getting things to "look right". After you spend the time to learn all the User Interface (UI) features.
  • Oppurtunity cost: How much time did working with the site take you away from landing that next big contract or sale? Did getting your product offering updated cause you to miss your plane to meet a client? What about family, are they waiting on you to come to dinner because if you don't add the sale information tonight, you'll miss your late night shoppers?
  • Set yourself up to have this mysterioulsy large per annum fee show up next year (was that really in those disclosures? Sadly, yes)
    • In the current example, you had a discount on the first year of 25% and a free year of domain leasing.
    • All in next year, you'll pay $107.88 plus any upgrades, and that doesn't even begin to talk about the time you spent on it

What just happened? They glazed over the important things like, how long this is going to take to get fully set up. Assumed your level of comfort with computer knowledge and navigation, and never once mentioned pros and cons. Opportunity costs are commonly missed, it's easy to obsess over dollars and cents. Having a professional who can do what would take you hours (don't be discouraged, we do this everyday), in minutes is why having a managed hosting service is the best thing you'll add to your business since it started. Don't forget, having Parallax do the hosting for you is an expense you can write off come tax season.

The Parallax Effect

You contact Parallax and a Success Consultant answers, not some phone representative from who knows where. A meaningfull conversation takes place about what you're looking to get out of having a website. You tell your consultant what your web budget is, they tell you what they can offer. After that we'll come to your office, shop or where ever you have your business (we've been to farms before) and we'll walk through a short process to collect what you want. We can do phone and video conferencing too, if that is your preference. Face to face is excellent to ensure the sharing of information is accurate, and the client gets exactly what they're expecting.

Since we're having a conversation about what you want from a website, we'll be taking the following from you:

  • Domain Name (aka URL,web addres, etc.). This is the best part for most, it's like naming a puppy.
  • Design choices, what do you want your visitors to see.
  • Content, this is what your visitors will read.
  • Picking a maintenace schedule (how many changes to the siter per month/year/adhoc).
  • Get back to your business, you're all set. Your new or redesigned site will be up by the agreed upon time.

Why go with Parallax? It's an easy choice:

  • You'll have one Success Consultant to work with, they won't change. They know you and your business.
  • Parallax does everything for you, so you can get back to what matters. Whether that is your buinsess or your family.
  • You don't need to know anything about computers, and we'll adjust our interaction to where your comfortable.
  • Not only is Parallax a web management service, they offer a suite of other business help and solutions. The insight that can be offered while helping build your site can do wonders for a bottom line.

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